Morning Tour

The morning tour is easy as the wind is soft. It’s perfect for kids as the sailing is smooth and the calm waters invite the kids to jump off for a swim and play with our aquatic toys. Seafood lovers also prefer the morning tour as we can moor onto a mussel farm to eat mussels and oysters.

  • 3,5 hours from 10:30 to 2pm.
  • We will sail among mussel and oyster farms.
  • You can taste mussels and oysters on a mussel farm (optional).
  • Take the helm and sail across the bay and along the beaches of La Rapita.
  • We’ll anchor on a wild beach for swimming.
  • You can snorkel among giant shells called Mother of Pearl (optional).
  • We have 2 kayaks and a snorkel equipment for your enjoyment.
  • Snacks, fruits and drinks included